About us




We empower underrepresented students (ages 13-18) by facilitating resources about college admissions, financial literacy, health and wellness. Through targeted community partnerships and Industry experts, our vision is to prepare students for long term growth, over the decades.



Coastal Elites, a youth development nonprofit organization was founded in 2019 by Kendric Harrison. 

  1. Corporate career began at Wells Fargo  
  2. Business school at Ohio University
  3. Business manager for Professional athletes-3 years
  4. Analyst at Boston Consulting Group, and now Berklee college

That journey inspired Kendric, the youngest of 3 children from a low income neighborhood, and the first sibling in the family to attend and graduate from college, eager to create change in the world; especially for underrepresented students. He was worried about living in poverty and not reaching his greatest potential, therefore the opportunity of college provided an escape from overwhelming stress. Through a pod centered school,  e-Learning and community outreach, he plans to be a pillar of hope for students in underserved communities aspiring to prepare for college and for life.